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Pottery tools are usually manufactured from superior quality, high carbon steel and there are certain steps that should be taken to assure your tools will last for a long time and continue to give top performance throughout their life.

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All high carbon steels will discolor and rust if proper care is not taken.
When not in use the tool should be kept clean and dry.
Even a simple wiping with a cloth will work.

Do not leave your tools soaking in water or slurry for long periods of time.

A light coat of oil should be applied to both the steel and wood handle from time to time.
If your tool, after heavy work, begins to show signs of becoming dulled it can be sharpened.

Do not use a power grinder to resharpen your tool.

This will heat the steel, change the temper and destroy the tool.

Also the use of a file to sharpen a tool is not recommended.

Better results can be obtained by using a whetstone using oil or water and after a few strokes the edge should be back to normal sharpness.
Be careful.
Your tool will take a razor sharp edge and unless caution is exercised when working with a super sharp tool an accident may happen resulting in some nasty cuts.
Your tool loves to work hard!
If you give it a little attention it will reward you in return by giving you a long productive life of satisfactory service.

Banding Wheel - this sets on the table and piece of pottery is set on it and spun. The pottery worker loads a brush with paint and holds it in one spot on the spinning pot and gets a perfect painted band around the pot.
banding wheel

Bats - used to carry or work on thrown pottery.

Pottery throwing bats

Caliper for Lids - make one measurement and you have its opposite immediately, it's an easy to use accurate way to size lids for pots. You can also make a lid for an already fired pot, by reassemble the wing nut and screw in the 12-1/2% hole. This way your lid will shrink to fit the pot.
Pottery Tools Calipers

Calipers - transfers measurements from model to clay object, also measures thickness and diameters inside and out.
Pottery Tools Calipers

Cattails - a fine sponge attached to a stick for smoothing hard to get at areas on pottery and ceramics.
Pottery Tools Cat tails

Clay Cutters - a eighteen inch long piece of wire with handles on each end used for slicing and cutting block clay or cutting a piece of pottery from the throwing head of a kick wheel.
Pottery clay cutting tool

Clay Fluting Tool - used to flute leather hard clay. One end gives a uniform flute along outside edge and the grooved end creates a rough or scalloped look on the pottery.
Clay Fluting Fun Tool

Clay Hammer - used to produce a textured or patterned design on clay slabs. Each hammer usually has a designs on each side of head.
Pottery Tools hammer

Clay Lifting Tool - used to lift clay to make fish scales or feathers or any other kind of lifted design on pottery.
Pottery Tools clay lift

Cleaning Files - scotch brite attached to both sides of a flexible strip of plastic used to clean mold lines and imperfections from greenware
Pottery Tools file

Cleaning Pad - a 3" x 3" scotch brite pad for smoothing mold lines and overall surface of greenware.
Pottery Tools cleaning pad

Cleanup and Carving Tool - used to remove clay off hard to reach areas on pottery.
Pottery Tools cleanup

Cutout Tools - used to cut through wet clay to make cutout designs and openings in slab clay and clay vessels.
Pottery Tools cutout tool

Cutting Tools - for trimming on kickwheel, sculpting and hollowing work.
Pottery Tools cutting tool Pottery Tools cutting tool Pottery Tools cutting tool

Double O Rib - used to cut, slice, shape and smooth soft clay.
Pottery Tools

Double Pointed Dowel - for beveling holes. Once you punch a hole through the clay with a cutter, use this tool to round the edges on the outside to give a soft edge.
Pottery Tools dowel

Edger - used to refine or define rims, bottoms, and feet of thrown or hand built pottery and for accenting any edge or create decorative bands or handles.
Pottery Tools edger

Embossing Tool - has round smooth ball shaped ends used to replace lost detail, trace designs, sign piece or when painting makes uniform dots. It leaves a smooth line and there are six different sized ball tips with each handle.
Pottery Tools embossing tool

Faceting Tools - used for removal of large amounts of clay and heavy duty carving.
Faceting Tool for large amounts of clay removal

Fettling Knife - used for trimming, carving and sculpting.
pottery fettling knife tool

Finish Rubbers - used for smoothing , shaping and finishing pottery pieces.

Rubber finish pottery tools

Glaze Dipping Tongs - ten inch long tongs with four sharp gripping points that make minimal contact with the piece being dipped.
Pottery Tools glaze tongs

Handle Makers - a half inch loop with a handle that is drawn through a slab of clay forming a perfectly shaped coil that can be cut to length and attached to pottery as handles or left long and used to make a coil pot.
Pottery Tools handle makerPottery Tools handle maker

Hole Cleaner - a triangle shaped scotch brite that can be inserted into a hole and twisted around to smooth the interior of hole.
Pottery Tools hole cleaner

Hole Cutters - used to cut clean holes in wet thick walled greenware and wheel thrown pottery.
Pottery Tools hole cutter

Hook Tools - very sharp and angled and come with various shaped heads, used for carving and turning clay or greenware.
Pottery Tools turning hook Pottery Tools hook

Jumping to conclusions is a poor form of exercise.

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Have you ever come up with a good idea while working with your handmade pottery and thought that you would like to share it with others? You have? Well, why not send it to us and we will add it to the tips page for all to see.

Handmade pottery can be a very gratifying hobby that produces fun and satisfying results. For many people it's an enjoyable release that is created by working an inanimate mound of clay into a beautiful work of art that you made through your artistic abilities.

The best way of starting out is to take a few lessons from Youtube. You will probably waste quite a bit in materials when you first get started. Figuring out how to truly make handmade pottery correctly and shape into what you want it to be can be quite an ordeal. The different tools that a normal shop will have can be fun to try. You will soon see which ones you like to use the most and then when you are ready you will know which ones to buy.

With the help of the internet, you can now purchase most if not all of your ceramic and pottery tools and supplies online. We are located far from any well supplied dealers and yet working with reliable ceramic and pottery suppliers online has allowed us to recieve most of our orders within a timely manner.

When you get all set up, just enjoy the hobby and have fun at it. Some people get pretty serious and start selling their creations at craft fairs and small stores, but others just like to create items for themselves, relatives, and friends. Whichever kind of handmade pottery you desire to endeavor, enjoy the hobby and have fun doing it.

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