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How to Plant a Pot

Are you in need of a very simple and inexpensive way to add a decorative touch to your yard or garden? Well, I have the answer for you, (Garden Pottery). In fact, you'll be recycling something that might have otherwise ended up in the garbage.

Planted PotteryPlant that broken ceramic or terra cotta pot in your garden!
Although you can use this technique with a new pot, it's even better if you salvage a broken pot and give it new life.
If you have a ceramic or terra cotta pot that is cracked on the lower half, you have a good candidate for this project.

Dig a fairly large hole because you want plenty of room to position the pot just how you like it.
Make sure you leave enough of the pot showing above ground to account for any ground cover you may use around or near it. Fill in the area outside the pot with dirt first to ensure the positioning doesn't shift, then fill the inside.
Keep in mind that you may have the pot tilting (as in the picture), so you could end up with less planting space than you had planned.
Use plants that will remain fairly small or they will quickly overcrowd the pot.
The pot in the picture is approximately 15" in diameter, but an interesting display could also be produced with a grouping of pots of various sizes.



Broken Pottery in the Garden  Garden Herbs in Pottery

Terracotta is one of the best materials to plant in because it is porous and allows the plant root system to breathe. Eco friendly gardeners would never use anything else, because it consists of a pure form of unglazed clay and makes an earth friendly alternative for planting. It also has a tendency to break down over time with constant fertilizing and watering. This can be limited by empting your pots at the end of each season and storing them in a dry area.

A well chosen pot enhances the garden area by adding color and fragrance. Imagine the feeling that you get when walking into a garden decorated with ivy and evergreens in a fun mix of colored pottery. Do you want small pots in groupings or a few large pots with bushes and fruit trees?

When placing your pots in a landscape for long term use, such as bushes or trees, do not place the pots directly on dirt or bark.  This will cause the pots to absorb water through its base during the winter months.  Instead, place your pots on a solid, well-draining base like flagstone or gravel.  If you are partially burying the pots in your landscape, dig a hole that is 8″-12″ wider than the pot and surround it with a medium to large gravel to promote good drainage.  Failure to follow these steps can lead to the premature breakage of your pottery.

When planting your pots, there are a couple tips to keep in mind.  DO NOT USE REGULAR DIRT IN YOUR POTS, USE ONLY POTTING SOIL.  Regular dirt is too dense and doesn’t release moisture quickly enough.  This WILL lead to premature degradation of the pottery and poor drainage. 


If you want your feet to be firmly on the ground.
Put some responsibility on your shoulders.

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Have you ever come up with a good idea while working with your handmade pottery and thought that you would like to share it with others? You have? Well, why not send it to us and we will add it to the tips page for all to see.

Handmade pottery can be a very gratifying hobby that produces fun and satisfying results. For many people it's an enjoyable release that is created by working an inanimate mound of clay into a beautiful work of art that you made through your artistic abilities.

The best way of starting out is to take a few lessons from Youtube. You will probably waste quite a bit in materials when you first get started. Figuring out how to truly make handmade pottery correctly and shape into what you want it to be can be quite an ordeal. The different tools that a normal shop will have can be fun to try. You will soon see which ones you like to use the most and then when you are ready you will know which ones to buy.

With the help of the internet, you can now purchase most if not all of your ceramic and pottery tools and supplies online. We are located far from any well supplied dealers and yet working with reliable ceramic and pottery suppliers online has allowed us to recieve most of our orders within a timely manner.

When you get all set up, just enjoy the hobby and have fun at it. Some people get pretty serious and start selling their creations at craft fairs and small stores, but others just like to create items for themselves, relatives, and friends. Whichever kind of handmade pottery you desire to endeavor, enjoy the hobby and have fun doing it.

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