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Ceramics Tile Projects by Lazertran 4

12, 4 inch tiled panel decorated with a design by Stuart Evans.

Lazertran can, amongst it's many applications be used to decorate ceramics tiles. The method below will give a water and steam proof finish but can be scratched if you use abrasive cleaners.

Tile Projects Method

  1. Copy your image in reverse or mirror onto the shiny side of a sheet of Lazertran using a color photo copier.
  2. Once copied heat the sheet of Lazertran in a domestic oven for a few minutes to make sure the toners have been melted properly. This will avoid tiny pinholes occurring later in the process. You need to set your oven to about 180 degrees C 350 degrees F or gas mark 6. You will find the colors go very shiny. You can also do this using a heat gun.
  3. Arrange your tiles carefully onto the Lazertran sheet and position so you have an even border around the tiles. I have used an A3 sheet, or in the USA a 17"x11" sheet and this fits a 12" x 4" tile panel almost perfectly.
  4. Place the first tile in the corner and cut around it with a sharp blade. Continue doing this until all 12 project tiles have been cut.

    Ceramics Tile Project instructions, by Lazertran

  5. Soak the cut Lazertran squares in a tray of clean water for about 2 minutes. The Lazertran will roll up. Lift out of the water and place, face down, onto the first tile. Slide off the white backing sheet leaving the decal face down on the tile.

    More insturctions Tile Project by Lazertran 2

  6. Position, then using a rubber squeegee remove any air bubbles and moisture from under the decal. Continue until all 12 tiles have their decals applied.

    Instructions 3 Tile Project by Lazertran 3

  7. Place all the tiles in a cold domestic oven. Set the temperature on the lowest possible setting.

Leave for at least one hour then slowly increase the temperature in 10 minute stages until the surface of the tile goes very shiny and sticky. This will take some time but as a guide the temperature should reach about 180 degrees C, 380 degrees F or gas mark 6 or 7. The most important thing is that the decal goes shiny. Turn the oven off when the decals have properly melted and allow to cool.

Be careful using grout as the grout is abrasive and may scratch the image.

An obstacle may be either a stepping stone or a stumbling block.

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Have you ever come up with a good idea while working with your handmade pottery and thought that you would like to share it with others? You have? Well, why not send it to us and we will add it to the tips page for all to see.

Handmade pottery can be a very gratifying hobby that produces fun and satisfying results. For many people it's an enjoyable release that is created by working an inanimate mound of clay into a beautiful work of art that you made through your artistic abilities.

The best way of starting out is to take a few lessons from Youtube. You will probably waste quite a bit in materials when you first get started. Figuring out how to truly make handmade pottery correctly and shape into what you want it to be can be quite an ordeal. The different tools that a normal shop will have can be fun to try. You will soon see which ones you like to use the most and then when you are ready you will know which ones to buy.

With the help of the internet, you can now purchase most if not all of your ceramic and pottery tools and supplies online. We are located far from any well supplied dealers and yet working with reliable ceramic and pottery suppliers online has allowed us to recieve most of our orders within a timely manner.

When you get all set up, just enjoy the hobby and have fun at it. Some people get pretty serious and start selling their creations at craft fairs and small stores, but others just like to create items for themselves, relatives, and friends. Whichever kind of handmade pottery you desire to endeavor, enjoy the hobby and have fun doing it.

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